A Warm Welcome to ITQAN's Newest Team Members

July 17, 2016, ITQAN Institute – We are privileged to have three new employees join our ever-growing team.

Ammar Ahmed Abdullah joins us from Jeddah, where he worked in public relations (PR) for a higher technology institute. He brings over 12 years of experience, and we are pleased to have him as our new PR specialist.

Jamaan Al Zahrani joins us from Rabigh, where he worked as an information technology (IT) manager for a higher technology institute. He is now ITQAN’s IT specialist. He brings over seven years of experience.

Mahtab Ahmad joins us from Khobar, where he worked as a cost accountant for a construction company. He is now the general accountant for ITQAN Institute. He brings over eight years of experience.

We look forward to working with them and utilizing each of their skills to further ITQAN's development.